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Marine worms light up foot prints

May 17th, 2011 by Dr. Paul Chambers

A friend reported recently that his footprints glowed when walking at night on a beach on the south-east coast of Jersey. When the sediment (a poorly sorted gravelly sand) was disturbed, there were a series of brief but bright pinpoints of light, some of which glowed for a few seconds. If the sediment was kicked […]

Fisherman’s black tie reveals new species record for Guernsey waters

May 10th, 2011 by Richard Lord

In February 2011 Dr Waltraud Klepal, an electron microscopist in the Department of Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research at the University of Vienna, working in areas of interest to medical and biomedical researchers, sent an email requesting barnacle specimens.  The email found its way to Guernsey and was forwarded to Guernsey commercial crab and lobster […]