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UK clean wind energy subsidy less than 3 pence per household per day

March 26th, 2013 by RenewableUK

Wind energy costs as little as 2.67 pence per UK household per day according to statistics released by Ofgem on 21 March 2013. The news that the cost of wind is so low comes as the UK’s energy regulator revealed that together onshore and offshore wind accounted for nearly 59% of renewable energy generation in […]

UK gas prices have driven up UK energy bills much more than renewable energy technologies

November 8th, 2011 by RenewableUK

RenewableUK, the country’s largest renewable energy trade association, has criticised KPMG’s energy report “Thinking About The Affordable”. The report incorrectly claims that Britain can meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations. It also states, misleadingly, that this would be cheaper than relying on renewable energy sources such as wind.