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Analysis of Durban Climate talks

December 13th, 2011 by Mark Lynas

The Maldives likes to be first. In 2009 it was the first country to announce its intention to become carbon neutral. In Durban it was the first developing state to declare its willingness to make a legally binding climate commitment under a new global treaty. But it does not want to be first to disappear […]

Petrol taxes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and don’t affect poor people disproportionally

December 1st, 2011 by University of Gothenburg

Increased petrol taxation is a very effective instrument to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A common argument against such a measure is that it hits poor people the hardest. Yet a new study by researchers at the University of Gothenburg – the largest ever of its kind – shows that it is middle- and high-income earners […]

UN reports global shift towards a low-carbon resource-efficient and socially inclusive green future

November 20th, 2011 by United Nations Environment Programme

A UN report, Towards a Green Economy: Pathways for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication, demonstrates that governments and businesses alike are taking steps to accelerate a global shift towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive green future. From China to Barbados, Brazil to South Africa, countries are developing Green Economy strategies and activities to spur […]

Vincent Neate of KPMG looks ahead to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban, South Africa

August 22nd, 2011 by KPMG

In under one hundreds days the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP17) will be held in Durban, South Africa. Vincent Neate, who leads KPMG’s UK Climate Change & Sustainability practice, looks ahead to what the challenges and achievements might be. “If Copenhagen was a down and Cancun was an up, Durban will be a […]