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Rocquette Cider Company has its most successful apple swap

October 25th, 2012 by Rocquette Cider Company

Rocquette Cider Company, Guernsey’s cider company, based at Les Fauxquets de Haut, Rue des Fauxquets, Castel, has completed the annual apple swap drive and is delighted to report that 2012 is its most successful year yet. The apple swap encouraged local apple tree owners to support the local brand and boost its harvest through the exchange […]

Guernsey apple tree owners can bring their crop to Rocquette Cider Co. in exchange for cash or cider

August 29th, 2012 by Rocquette Cider Company

Rocquette Cider Company has run for the last three years an ‘apple swap’ campaign at harvest time to encourage Guernsey apple tree owners to exchange their crops for either cash or cider as a swap exchange. James Meller, Managing Director and founder of Rocquette Cider Company, said “people from all over Guernsey who have apple […]

A tour of the Rocquette cider orchard and a taste of cider on 3 October 2010

September 16th, 2010 by Events

As part of the Floral Guernsey Autumn Festival Week enjoy a tour of the Rocquette cider orchards on Sunday 3 October 2010 beginning at 10 am.  Meet at Blanchelande College memorial gate (Rue Frairies next to Bob Froome & Sons crane hire). The cost is £4 per person and includes a taste of cider.