Guernsey Electricity gets planning permission to install photovoltaic panels on Stores building

November 9th, 2017 by Guernsey Electricity Ltd.

Guernsey Electricity Ltd Photovoltaic panel installation on the roof of the Stores Building on the Northside of St Sampson (click image to expand size)

States of Guernsey Planners have approved the Guernsey Electricity Ltd application submitted in September 2017 to install up to 330 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Stores buildings by the island’s power station on the Northside of St Sampson.

Guernsey Electricity Ltd will install the solar panels in 2018.

Alan Bates, CEO of Guernsey Electricity Ltd, said “this scheme benefits customers by feeding solar energy into the electricity grid, helping diversify our mix of energy sources and complementing low-carbon electricity imported from France.”

To keep costs down, Guernsey Electricity Ltd drew up the proposals alongside maintenance work on the roof of its Stores buildings.  Work on replacing the roof is already underway.

“I’d like to thank States of Guernsey planners for approving the solar array and to my colleagues who developed the proposals.”

“The solar panels offer the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and could produce the equivalent energy needed to run around 50 electric vehicles a year,” he said.

One of the Peugeot Ion electric cars Guernsey Electricity currently operates to provide customer service (click image to expand)

The go-ahead for the solar array scheme comes as Guernsey Electricity Ltd has invested in two Peugeot iOn electric cars and two Peugeot Partner electric vans after successful trials of electric vehicle technology.

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