Guernsey Electricity plans to install solar array on Central Stores roof

September 26th, 2017 by Guernsey Electricity Ltd.

Solar panels generating enough electricity to run about 50 electric cars could be installed at Guernsey Electricity’s power station in St Sampson.

Guernsey Electricity is preparing plans for a solar array of 330 photovoltaic panels to be installed on one of its main buildings.

The renewable energy scheme would benefit all electricity consumers by harnessing solar energy that would feed into the island’s electricity grid.

The solar array will help diversify Guernsey’s energy sources and will complement the importation of low-carbon electricity from Europe as part of the generation mix.

Guernsey Electricity Ltd has to undertake significant maintenance work on the roof of its Central Stores building and wishes to use the opportunity to install solar panels on the four south facing roof-slopes at the same time, which will help to keep installation costs as low as possible.

A planning application has been submitted for the installation of the PV solar array.

Stuart Blondel, Guernsey Electricity Head of Asset Management, said “this is an exciting and positive project with many benefits for the island, if it’s approved.”

“As a source of renewable energy, solar power offers the opportunity to lower overall emissions associated with the provision of electricity on the island whilst diversifying our energy sources.”

One of the Peugeot Ion electric cars Guernsey Electricity currently operates to provide customer service (click image to expand)

“Furthermore, with our gradual transition towards the use of electric vehicles within our company fleet, this solar array could produce the equivalent energy required to run approximately 50 cars and vans, further reducing the carbon intensity of our business operations.”

“We recognise that everyone should benefit from solar power, especially from large-scale projects.”

“With Guernsey Electricity taking a positive lead on this work and the solar panels generating directly into the island’s electricity power system, this proposed solar project would mean the whole island benefits – not just an individual customer.”

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