Kerbside Recycling bags delivered to Guernsey homes from next week

February 13th, 2014 by States of Guernsey Public Services Department

Guernsey’s specially designed recycling bags in production at the Gelpack factory in Hereford.

Guernsey’s specially designed blue recycling bag for clean food tins, drink cans, clean aluminium foil and trays, aerosol cans, clean plastic packaging, and washed out cardboard milk and juice cartons (click image to expand – image courtesy of the States of Guernsey Public Services Department)

More than two million specially designed bags have been produced for Guernsey residents to use when the new kerbside recycling collections are introduced in March 2014.

A supply of the bags, made from recycled plastic, will be delivered to every household from the week beginning 17 February 2014.

They will be used for mixed recycling, which will be picked up by along with the regular parish black bag collections.

Clear bags are being provided for mixed paper and cardboard.

Blue bags are for mixed tins, cans, plastic containers and drinks cartons.

The parish bin men will collect clear bags one week, and blue ones the next.

Full instructions on how to use the new service are also being delivered to households from the week of Monday 17 February.

Tina Norman-Ross, Public Services Recycling Officer, said the delivery of the bags for kerbside recycling and information packs will signal to islanders how close the new service is.

“Kerbside collections will make recycling a great deal easier and more convenient.”

“We hope that will help people who currently visit the bring banks to recycle a bit more than they do now, and anyone who up until now has not started recycling will have that extra encouragement,” she said.

The States of Guernsey Public Service Department will be collecting information from the first two years of the new service, which is being launched as an interim scheme.

It will also run trials of glass collection in some areas, and it hopes to include this in the final scheme.

“A lot of this is about gathering information to make sure whatever we decide on for the final scheme is really the optimum solution for Guernsey.”

“Once the new service is up and running we will be looking to islanders for their views on how it is going, and whether it can be improved,” Tina Norman-Ross said.

The bags have been printed at Gelpack, in Hereford and feature clear guidance on what types of recyclable materials will be collected in each colour bag.

Mayside Recycling will be sorting the contents of the bags and sending the bags for recycling provided they are clean.



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