Guernsey Post Ltd revalidates its ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award

February 20th, 2014 by Richard Lord

Deputy Barry Paint of the States of Guernsey Environment Department presents the Green Award to Richard Taylor, Facilities Manager for Guernsey Post Ltd (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Deputy Barry Paint (right) on the States of Guernsey Environment Department Board presents the ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award to Richard Taylor, Facilities Manager for Guernsey Post Ltd (click image to expand – ©RLLord)

Guernsey Post Ltd has received a revalidation of its ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award from the States of Guernsey Environment Department.

Andy McCutcheon, who heads the Environment Services Unit, which administers the ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award scheme on behalf of the Environment Department said “it is the mandate of the department to encourage Best Practice in energy and waste management.”

“One way to achieve this and to raise its profile is through the ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award,” he said.

Deputy Barry Paint of the Environment Department Board presented Richard Taylor, Facilities Manager for Guernsey Post Ltd., with the award.

“On behalf of Guernsey Post, I am delighted to accept this award for recognition of our energy conservation and waste management,” Richard Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said that the company completed an energy audit of Envoy House, Guernsey Post Ltd headquarters, in 2010, which allowed the company to make significant savings in its energy use.

The audit recommended the installation of a Building Management System, which allows for the control of the heating and air conditioning systems in the building so that they only come on and go off when required.

The BMS is programmed for time periods when the building is occupied and also controls the building’s temperature thermostatically.

By following the recommendations of the audit, Guernsey Post has been able to save £40,000 per year on energy costs and with the cost of energy going up, the savings become greater.

AFM played a large part in advising Guernsey Post,” Mr Taylor said.

“AFM did the initial energy survey and also helped Guernsey Post source various components and suppliers to enable us to achieve the energy savings.”

“The company is about to have another energy audit, which allows the company to keep pace with changes in technology,” he said.

Mr Taylor said “at the present time we don’t use air source or ground source heat pumps but the next energy survey may identify this as a possible source of making future savings.”

The company is currently looking to install LED lighting, and to add additional ecocooling evaporative heat exchange units to air condition the letter sorting hall.

Guernsey Post letter sorting hall in Envoy House at the end of the letter sorting shift (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Guernsey Post letter sorting hall in Envoy House after postal deliveries have been made for the day (click image to expand – ©RLLord)

Steve Park, who does the assessments for the ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award and makes suggestions to companies on how they can minimise waste and energy use, said its importance was also about changing habits and enhancing good habits already instilled.

“From my point of view it is about ensuring that what they do is in-line with the business plan,” Mr Park said.

Mr Park said that small low cost changes can reduce waste generation.

“Why does everyone need a wastepaper bin where everything goes in like apple cores, wet carbons and paper,” he said.

“Centralise collection points where you can dispose of each of those items separately.  People may complain initially until they are in the habit and then it is just a habit,” he said.

“If you don’t have motion sensors or a Building Management System then you have got to get people in the habit of switching lights off when they leave a room,” he said.

“Unless you change the habits first you can put in all the technology and it won’t work properly. However changing habits is less hard than it used to be because there’s a big push in the schools for energy efficiency and children influence their parents,” he said.

Reducing waste is fairly easy because it is almost non-cost bearing,” Mr Park said. “And energy is the other module of the ‘Keep Guernsey Green’ award.”

“Richard Taylor is also looking at transport because it is a big cost to Guernsey Post.”

Guernsey Post uses 70 bicycles to deliver letters all over the island, but they also have 75 delivery vehicles.

Guernsey Post needs to keep these vehicles as well well-tuned as possible, and they are also reviewing more efficient and lower emission vehicles.


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