Guernsey’s charities looking for volunteers with business acumen

July 30th, 2013 by Guernsey Community Foundation

The Guernsey Community Foundation’s Volunteer Matching Programme, which launched in 2012, has successfully placed a number of experienced business people with acumen into local charities.

Placements have ranged from professionals with marketing, communication and accountancy skills, to people with business development expertise.

“All volunteers are invaluable and their contributions are hugely beneficial to our voluntary sector,” said Laurel Le Tocq of the Guernsey Community Foundation.

Laurel Le Tocq of the Guernsey Community Foundation at the Volunteer Week marketplace on 8 June 2013 (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Laurel Le Tocq of the Guernsey Community Foundation at the Volunteer Week marketplace on 8 June 2013 (click image to expand – ©RLLord)

“It has become clear to us that it is strategic input at committee level that is needed for the successful development and growth of local charities and voluntary organisations,” she said.

“We are now focusing the Foundation’s work on building the capacity of the charitable sector to enable it to thrive into the future,” she said.

“For this we seek strategic thinkers and volunteers with business development skills, or people interested in committee level roles such as Chairperson and treasurer,” Ms Le Tocq said.

Peter Bruges, Chief Financial Officer of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society Ltd., volunteered his skills through the Guernsey Community Foundation’s Volunteer Matching Programme in early 2013.

He is now Treasurer of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Scouts Association and sits on the Bailiwick Executive Committee.

“The Channel Islands Cooperative Society has community support at the heart of its ethos and principles,” Mr Bruges said.

‘The Guernsey Scouts Association is central to the development of the next generation of leaders on the island so we are very proud to be able to provide help where we can to such an important organisation,” he said.

Julie Bulpitt, Bailiwick Commissioner said “when someone like Peter offers his services we are obviously extremely grateful.”

“His professional skills are exactly what we needed. He can help us to ensure that our finances are sound, set budgets for the coming years etc, which is all vitally important,” Mrs Bulpitt said.

“His day job is incredibly demanding so if Peter can find time to help as a volunteer, I am sure that many people who have equally demanding jobs can volunteer and help worthy charities in the Bailiwick,” she said.

The Guernsey Community Foundation is working closely with Guernsey’s online volunteering portal in support of wider volunteering opportunities.

“Users can sign up for regular volunteering updates which are delivered directly to their email inboxes and can keep up-to-date with on Facebook.” is the place to go for a multitude of volunteering opportunities including one-off events or more regular placements within local charities,” Laurel Le Tocq said.


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