Guernsey Welfare Service wishes to build food bank collection network

July 24th, 2013 by Guernsey Welfare Service

Jenny Simpkin Guernsey Welfare Service volunteer; Allen Edwards, branch manager of Waitrose Admiral Park; and John Copeland, Director of the Guernsey Welfare Service at the entrance to Waitrose (click image to expand - image courtesy of Guernsey Welfare Service)

Jenny Simpkin Guernsey Welfare Service volunteer, Allen Edwards, branch manager of Waitrose Admiral Park and John Copeland, Director of the Guernsey Welfare Service (click image to expand)

More than 1500 items of tinned and packaged food were donated at the Guernsey Welfare Service food bank collection held at the Waitrose Admiral Park and Rohais branches on Saturday 13 July 2013.

Customers were given a suggested shopping list when entering the stores including items such as pasta, pasta sauces, cereals, coffee, sugar and biscuits to be distributed to people in need within the local community.

The Guernsey Welfare Service, an independent charity that operates under the umbrella of ‘Churches Together in Guernsey’, works in partnership with other local agencies to provide financial and practical support to those in need on the island.

One of the services the charity offers is a food bank and in a typical week the charity gives out 20 food parcels to local families.

John Copeland, Director of the Guernsey Welfare Service, said “the generosity of customers at the Waitrose collection day last week was overwhelming and the charity is extremely grateful.”

“We received all the items that we’ve needed to stock up on and these donations will make such a huge difference to the local families and individuals that receive support through our food bank service.”

Allen Edwards, branch manager of Waitrose Admiral Park, said “this food bank collection has been a great success and we’re confident that it will help support many local families in need.”

“Waitrose is committed to supporting local charities and good causes and the Guernsey Welfare Service provides an essential service in the island,” he said.

Mr Copeland said “the Island’s retailers have always been extremely supportive of our charity through collection days.”

“We would not be able to carry out this vital work in the community without their help,” he said.

“The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Ltd is another long-standing partner of the Guernsey Welfare Service, accepting food vouchers that the charity hands out to clients and holding collection days at their stores.”

“We have also received financial support from Barclays and Active Group to help us set up the storage facilities that we need, and on this occasion staff from Aon helped Guernsey Welfare Service volunteers to store the items that were donated on 13 July 2013.”

The Guernsey Welfare Service is hoping to build up its network of satellite collection points for the food bank.

At present the charity has several churches that organise regular food collections but the charity would welcome further support from local businesses who may wish to have a collection box on-site either permanently or for a limited time.

Anyone wishing to set up a satellite collection point should contact Guernsey Welfare on or call 01481 711847.




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