Tumaini Fund needs money to ship essential supplies to AIDS widows and orphans in Tanzania

June 26th, 2013 by Tumaini Fund

Unloading container Tanzania (click image to expand - image courtesy of The Tumaini Fund)

Unloading much needed supplies for AIDS widows and orphans in Tanzania (click image to expand – image courtesy of The Tumaini Fund)

The Tumaini Fund has collected enough donated goods to fill a container, just two months after the last one arrived in Tanzania where the Guernsey based charity supports 25,000 widows and orphans.

However money is required to cover the cost of shipping a container filled with medical and educational supplies, and computers and clothing to Tanzania, Africa.

“I’m delighted that we already have enough much-needed supplies to fill another container,” said Dr Susan Wilson MBE, chair of The Tumaini Fund, who was given an MBE for her charitable work in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours.

“The generosity of Guernsey residents never ceases to amaze me,” she said.

Rihoy & Son has donated the container, the fifth one it has given us, and we hope that we can find enough sponsorship to cover the transportation from Guernsey to Tanzania,’ Dr Wilson said.

The container will be packed with 300 boxes of medical supplies, educational material and school supplies, computers for secondary schools, hand-knitted jumpers and blankets, handmade dresses and washable sanitary towels as girls have to miss school each month as they don’t access to the supplies they need.

“The main challenge we face now is raising £3,000 to get the container to Dar es Salaam and then another £3,000 to cover the costs of it clearing customs and being transported to Chato,” Dr Wilson said.

“We hope we can do that as quickly as possible as these supplies are in urgent need,” she said.

All of the aid will go to Kagera, the north-west province of Tanzania, which is one of the ten poorest counties in the world.

“It can be hard for people in Guernsey to imagine the conditions these people live in but I can assure them that the supplies we send make an enormous difference,” Dr Wilson said.

“Our aim is to support AIDS widows and orphans in a region which is so poor that the average wage for a farmer is just £55 a year.’

Dr Wilson MBE said that the charity would soon have four offices to support the work it is doing in the region including various vocational projects it has established.

Denise Mabire from Guernsey helping to unload container (click image to expand - image courtesy of The Tumaini Fund)

Denise Mabire from Guernsey helping to unload a container of supplies provided by The Tumaini Fund for AIDS widows and orphans in Kagera, Tanzania (click image to expand – image courtesy of The Tumaini Fund)

“I hope to collect four boxes of A4 paper for the printers as well as envelopes and general office supplies, sewing supplies including fabric, thread, scissors and needles for the tailoring school, four boxes of tools for the trainee car mechanics, and two boxes of carpentry supplies for the carpentry school,” Dr Wilson said.

“With just seven percent of children going into secondary education, the training we are giving in these vocational schools can be the only chance for youngsters to learn a trade and escape their hand-to-mouth existence,” she said.

Once the container has been emptied, it will remain at The Tumaini Fund’s new office in Chato on Lake Victoria and used for storage.

Gavin Rihoy, Rihoy & Son managing director, said the company was more than happy to lend its support again to the charity.

“The energy and enthusiasm of Dr Wilson and her team at The Tumaini Fund is endless,” he said.

“To have collected enough supplies to send another container a couple of months after the last is phenomenal.”

“To help them get those supplies to Tanzania is something Rihoy & Son is delighted to be able to do.”

“We look forward to hearing what a difference they make to those who really need them,” he said.

The last container arrived in Murgwanza on 7 May 2013 and was met by Denise Mabire, who had travelled from Guernsey, and other Tumaini Fund staff based in the region.

Medical supplies and a donated dental chair was delivered to the hospital where a new dental surgeon has been appointed.

IT equipment, educational materials and science equipment were distributed to schools in the area, and jumpers and blankets were handed out to AIDS widows and orphans.

Sewing machines and supplies were also given to the tailoring school.

The next day the 20 foot container travelled to Karagwe where the remaining goods and supplies were unpacked and distributed.

The container will remain in Karagwe to be used as a secure and waterproof supplies store.

“It was fascinating being in the region when the container arrived and hearing first hand from the Tumaini Fund parish workers how much of a difference this aid makes,” Mrs. Mabire said.

“They are encouraged in their own work by the generosity of people in Guernsey and there is no doubt that the aid collected by a small island thousands of miles away is an absolute lifeline to so many in Tanzania,” she said.

“That would be impossible to do without the continued support of so many people and companies, like Rihoy & Son.”

“I’ve seen for myself the impact that those who donate goods, supplies, time and money can have,” she said.

Anyone wanting to know more about The Tumaini Fund or who is interested in providing goods or funds should contact Susan Wilson by email: yesunitumaini@yahoo.com



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