Thebestof Guernsey promotes Buy Local Week from 3 to 7 June 2013

May 22nd, 2013 by Events

(click logo to go to the best of Guernsey website)

(click logo to go to the best of Guernsey website)

Buying Guernsey produced products and services is good for the local economy, and is a message that marketing company thebestof Guernsey has been promoting as part of a national drive with an ongoing Buy Local campaign.

Many local businesses and people already actively support this campaign by displaying ‘Buy Local’ stickers in their shops, offices, cars and even on packaging.

To enhance these initiatives, Buy Local Week is being launched in June 2013 to support the current drive and encourage islanders to choose local business first.

“In a small island like Guernsey there could be significant long term implications if we don’t make the effort to keep it local,” Kate Heywood, Managing Director of thebestof Guernsey, said.

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Nicole Bromley (left) and Kate Heywood (right) of thebestof Guernsey (click image to expand – image courtesy of thebestof Guernsey)

“Buying goods and produce from Guernsey-based retailers strengthens the island’s economy and helps our community retain its culture and identity.”

“At the most basic level when you buy locally, the money you spend stays in Guernsey, however when money is spent on the internet it generally leaves the island never to return,” she said.

“By shopping locally we can grow our businesses, reduce unemployment, and help maintain our economy and local way of life,” she said.

The States of Guernsey Commerce and Employment Department supports thebestofGuernsey initiative.

Deputy Al Brouard, Commerce & Employment Department’s Deputy Minister, said “money circulating locally is a key part of a strong island economy, so naturally the Department is supportive of a campaign like this.”

Deputy Al Brouard, Deputy Minister for Commerce & Employment (click image to expand - image courtesy of thebestof Guernsey)

Deputy Al Brouard, Deputy Minister for Commerce & Employment, stands by a Guernsey bus branded with the I Love To Buy Local logo (click image to expand – image courtesy of thebestof Guernsey)

“All customers, whether they’re individuals or businesses themselves, should buy local if they can,” he said.

“Money spent locally helps keep people employed. It is good for the retail sector and many other parts of the Guernsey economy too.”

“Buying locally comes with the added benefit of good face-to-face customer service, something you can’t get online,” he said.

As part of the campaign thebestof Guernsey has included a large ‘Buy Local’ logo on a new island bus wrap which promotes local businesses.

They and other local businesses will also be selling Buy Local ‘bags for life’ to raise money for Help A Guernsey Child at the Fresh Friday Market in Market Square, St Peter Port on 7 June 2013.

People who pledge their support on thebestofGuernsey website during Buy Local Week will be entered into a prize draw to spend £200 with any local business featured on the website.

Car stickers and posters can be obtained by contacting or by telephoning 246822.


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