Guernsey’s first foundation is Male Uprising Guernsey cancer charity

January 11th, 2013 by Male Uprising in Guernsey

Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) has registered the first Guernsey Foundation.

MUG is a Guernsey charity set up last year to raise awareness of male cancer in the Bailiwick and raise funds to offer support to Bailiwick men suffering from cancer.

Guernsey has recently introduced foundations legislation in order to offer an alternative wealth management vehicle that can be used for a variety of personal, corporate and philanthropic purposes.

Gavin Ferguson, the foundation’s new Guardian and Managing Partner of Appleby in Guernsey said “a foundation is an incorporated self-owning legal entity which, although having much in common with a trust, has a distinct legal personality – something that is more commonly associated with companies.”

Trevor Kelham (founder of MUG), Tony Tostevin, Ian Brown and Dan Collins are the Council Members – the persons responsible for governing the running of the foundation in accordance with the foundation’s constitution (a role akin to directors).

Gavin Ferguson is the Guardian, the person appointed to ensure the Council Members act properly.

As the first Guernsey registered foundation, MUG has secured a special place in the island’s business history which will further the charity’s key aims of raising awareness of male cancer amongst the local community.

Furthermore, awareness of MUG will start to spread beyond the Bailiwick and onto the global stage.

Trevor Kelham, MUG’s founder said “by becoming a foundation, we believe we have helped to secure a long-term future for the charity that is dedicated to helping men overcome male cancers.”

“We are striving to give men the very best support in this area, being the first Guernsey foundation will help to spread our message further and in an even more credible fashion,” he said.

Gavin Ferguson said “foundations offer certain administrative benefits over trusts including for example being able to act in their own name (as opposed to in the names of the trustees).”

“In addition, the word “foundation” connotes in many jurisdictions philanthropy; for example out of twenty of the world’s largest donors, sixteen have the word “foundation” in their title, as opposed to two having the word “trust” – the interesting fact being that only a percentage of the sixteen charitable “foundations” are in fact incorporated foundations, many being trusts but using the word foundation as it is perceived to be more charitable,” he said.

Trevor Kelham said “it was important to take advantage of the publicity that would be attached to being the first foundation to be registered in Guernsey.”

“While we always look to raise funds to offer support to Bailiwick men suffering from cancer and also to fund research into the prevention and treatment of male cancer, prevention is better than cure and to this extent we take any opportunity to educate men to get checked out,” he said.


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