Guernsey’s direct mail Delivered.GG biking, recycling & offsetting carbon

January 4th, 2013 by Richard Lord

Craig Martel, Director of Delivered.GG, on one of the Pashley bicycles used to deliver direct mail (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Delivered.GG is a direct mail service company set up by Craig Martel in mid-2012.

To make deliveries, Delivered.GG currently uses five branded, bright orange Pashley bicycles, which were purchased through Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop.

The sturdy hand built British bicycles can carry up to 16 Kgs in the front box, and have a rear frame to carry panniers. Waterproof bags were especially made to protect the paper material carried in the front box.

“The bikes are made of steel rather than aluminium. Although they are heavy, they are lovely to cycle, and they freewheel very well,” Craig Martel said.

“Although the weather wasn’t kind to us in 2012, we issue our cyclists with waterproof jackets and trousers, and the majority of them are happy to make deliveries in bad weather.”

“It is very important for our business to be economical so we do as many deliveries as we can by bike, although for some of the higher parishes it is not an option at the moment. We use a van for delivery to Torteval.”

“Delivered.GG provides a very flexible service,” Craig said.

“We price depending on the material delivered but we are flexible on how it is packed and provided to us.”

“We tailor our services to suit the customer’s requirements. We can deliver to only houses with chimneys if required,” he said.

Alliance is our biggest contract. We also do door-drops for Sure.”

“We try to make certain that we deliver leaflets to the people that want them. If someone doesn’t wish to be delivered to, and they contact us, we will skip them,” he said.

Craig Martel, Director of Delivered.GG, in front of rows of boxes used to sort direct mail for different delivery routes (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“We don’t want people to be annoyed by the leaflets we deliver but the vast majority of people are happy to receive the deals that the leaflets offer.  We don’t want to waste any leaflets so we try not to deliver to empty residences,” he said.

“We section the island into 30 areas. We then further extend that into another 45, so on a daily basis our employees have a set route they will do, so we know exactly how much direct mail we need to allocate to that delivery person for that day so that allows us to be more accurate with the amount of direct mail we take out.”

“We go through a lot of boxes and there’s the plastic wrap around the boxes on the pallet that is all recycled.”

“We use a local company called Sorted to recycle the material. Peter Wickins and Sam Dowding run Sorted and they do a really good job.”

“We also have our home recycling done with them. They give us a plastic box and two plastic bags. You only have to separate cardboard and paper from the rest of the recyclable material to keep it dry. ‘Sorted’ does the rest. For home recycling collection it only costs us £2 or £3 per week,” Craig said.

Delivered.GG making deliveries in St Peter Port (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“Delivered.GG is in touch with Andrew McCutcheon of The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees because we are trying to offset the environmental impact we have. Because we deliver direct mail, there is a lot of paper and cardboard involved, so this year we are going to plant a tree for every island-wide delivery we do.”

“It is something we will be pushing this year. The more we do the more we will be able to support them as best we can.”

“We have to be a sustainable company and committed to our island,” Craig Martel said.


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