Guernsey primary schools register by 6 February 2013 for competition to grow longest carrot

January 22nd, 2013 by Bedell Group

Front row, left to right - Jude Barton, Stephanie Best, Ellie Hicks, and Kayleigh Moullin, and behind them, Rory McLaren holding carrots, and Joshua Bisson (click image to expand - image courtesy of Bedell)

Bedell Little Green Fingers Schools’ Project has launched a competition to see which Guernsey primary school can grow the longest carrot.

According to the World Carrot Museum, the Guinness World Record for the longest carrot belongs to Joe Atherton who grew one of 5.841 metres (or 19 feet 1.96 inches), which he entered in the UK National Giant Vegetable Championship, held in conjunction with the National Gardening Show, in Somerset on 2 September 2007.

A prize of £100 and a year’s supply of seeds will be awarded to the Guernsey primary school that grows the longest carrot. There will also be two runners up prizes.

St Andrew’s Primary School headteacher Linda Paley said she thought the competition was a great idea.

“It’s always important to make gardening interesting so that children not only understand more about the environment, learn where their food comes from and how to grow it and develop healthy lifestyles, but have fun at the same time,” she said.

Participating schools must register to enter the competition by Wednesday 6 February 2013.

All entrants will receive starter packs, which contain giant carrot seeds. Judging will take place on Wednesday 26 June 2013.

Nikki Symons of Floral Guernsey said carrots were a relatively easy vegetable to grow and the competition would encourage schools to get started on their gardens this spring.

‘The beginning of March is the right time to be sowing your carrots and placing on a heated propagator or windowsill. There are plenty of things the children can do to encourage their carrots to grow.

Instructions are set out in the starter pack along with the giant seeds,’ said Mrs Symons.

We wanted to run a competition that all the schools could get involved in as the carrots can be grown in the ground, raised beds and even troughs or barrels.’

To register for the longest carrot competition please email

Carrot facts:

  • Carrots are a root vegetable that originated in Afghanistan. They were purple, red, white, and yellow, but never orange.
  • Newly orange, carrots traveled England with Dutch travelers during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • China is the world’s top carrot producer.
  • Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is important for eyesight.


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