Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility textbook published

January 5th, 2013 by Dr Wayne Visser

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Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility is a comprehensive textbook on CSR Theory and Practice.

‘Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility’ (CSR) incorporates corporate responsibility, sustainable development, business ethics, corporate citizenship, business & society and corporate governance.

The book begins with definitions and drivers of CSR, followed by a description of the evolution of CSR from before the industrial revolution to what the future holds for CSR.

Dr Wayne Visser has travelled to over 60 countries in the last twenty years to study CSR. His global research is covered in Chapter three where he makes regional and cross-country comparisons, and in chapter seven where he outlines CSR for a number of global corporations.

There is a chapter on the seven steps to implementing CSR, followed by an exploration of CSR leadership, and how CSR can be used as a catalyst for change.

Twenty-five case studies are introduced, before concluding on the future of CSR, including CSR 2.0, scenarios and forecasts for the next ten years.

The book contains over 60 sets of discussion questions (nearly 200 questions), which allow teachers, students, and practitioners to reflect on the presented content and to discuss, debate and dig deeper into the issues.

The text is written in a readable style, without sacrificing academic rigour.

The result is an inexpensive, accessible and searchable introduction to a management discipline that has become critical to the future of  business, written by one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

Dr Wayne Visser is Founder and Director of the think tanks Kaleidoscope Futures and CSR International, and Senior Associate at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership. He is also a Visiting Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Warwick Business School.

He has been listed in the Top 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders (2011 & 2012), Top 100 Thought Leaders in Europe & the Middle East (2011), Top 100 CSR Leaders (2009) and Top 20 Sustainability Leaders (2012).


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