Sure sponsors Headway Guernsey’s cognitive brain training course

December 19th, 2012 by Sure

Committee members from the Sure Community Foundation learn about Headway's cognitive brain training course (click image to expand - image courtesy of Sure)

Cognitive brain training, which has benefited Headway Guernsey users, will continue after a donation from the Sure Community Foundation.

The course, which supports people with a brain injury, has already proved successful.

“It’s been extremely effective and those users who have been through the course have reported back to us on the positive impact it has had on their lives,’ said Orla-Marie Manning from Headway Guernsey.

The course enables participants to understand more about brain injury and then focuses on memory groups and confidence.

“We deal with a wide range of brain injuries including aneurysms, meningitis, stroke and accidents. Each person will be affected differently, depending on who they are and the injury and so we look at their needs and then identify which modules will be of greatest benefit,” Mrs Manning said.

“A brain injury affects every area of a person’s being, their family environment, work environment and social life and so our aim is help our users accept the modified version of themselves and learn to live their lives to the full,” she said.

Headway Guernsey receives no financial support from the States of Guernsey and each year needs to find sufficient funds to cover wages, rent and course material.

“We rely so much on the generosity of other people to fund the work we do. It’s important that people who support us understand how vital that support is and so we’re delighted that members of the Sure Community Foundation have taken the time to join one of our group sessions,” Mrs Manning said.

“Without the generous financial support of companies, organisations and individuals, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the services we do,” she said.

Karen Jagger from the Sure Community Foundation said it was privilege to be invited to see the work being undertaken by Headway Guernsey.

“It’s very easy to write a cheque but one of the core aims of the Sure Community Foundation is to support charities and organisations which really make a difference and so we are taking the time to understand the work they are doing and the impact it has,” Karen Jagger said.

“It was fascinating for us to spend time with the group at Headway, learn more about the problems they encounter on a daily basis and how this course is helping them.”

Mrs Jagger added that the Sure Community Foundation has also recently organised for nine hampers containing food donated by staff to be distributed by Wigwam to families it supports and donated money to Every Child Our Future to purchase packs for primary schools aimed at improving child literacy.

“We are always very keen to hear from charities and organisations who require financial or physical support.”

“Sure employs more than 200 people in the island and so as well we having funds to donate, we also have staff who are willing to help charities and organisations,” Mrs Jagger said.

“Anyone wanting to know more about support from the Sure Community Foundation can email charityfoundation @ for information,” she said.


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