No heating bills for energy efficient community centre

December 5th, 2012 by Bere Architects

The energy efficient Mildmay community centre built to Passivhaus standard with photovoltaic panels on the roof (please click image to expand - image courtesy of bere:architects)

Bere Architects have moved their office into the Mildmay Centre on Woodville Road in London.

Justin Bere wrote in his company’s blog that by the end of November 2012, not a single penny has been spent on heating at the Mildmay Centre yet the indoor temperatures throughout the building remained very comfortable at between 21° and 22°C.

Justin Bere asks why aren’t all new buildings built like the Mildmay Centre in London?

Why isn’t the UK government mobilising a massively overdue mass-retrofit in order to save energy, save money, reduce carbon emissions and the harm these emissions cause, and create new jobs in a new green economy?

He wants the UK government in particular to wake-up to the benefits of making the building stock superbly energy efficient.


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