Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2012 awarded to Carolyn Ferbrache

December 13th, 2012 by Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund

Carolyn Ferbrache was presented with the Child Carer of the Year 2012 award. She is pictured with her family and judges Yvonne Blundell from the Guernsey Press, Craig Duquemin from sponsors Lloyds TSB and Sarah Barsby from Guernsey Mums. (click image to expand - image by Tom Tardif, courtesy of Lloyds TSB Offshore Ltd)

Carolyn Ferbrache has earned the title of Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2012 after dedicating more than 20 years to looking after children.

Mrs Ferbrache was presented with her prize of £500 for herself and £500 for charity of her choice at a family meal and was unaware she had won until Lloyds TSB business development manager Craig Duquemin surprised her.

Mrs Ferbrache was nominated by family friend Richard Roberts who described her as ‘a most dedicated child carer’.

She first started working with children 19 years ago when she worked at a playgroup and then became a childminder while raising her three children Corinne, 28, Hannah, 26 and Adam, 23.

Mrs Ferbrache and her husband Ian also foster children including their foster daughter who has now been with them for ten years.

“Carolyn has always taken great effort to ensure that she has provided a caring and educational environment for children in her care. These children have, without a doubt, benefitted from such an environment and from the safe and hygienic conditions Carolyn has also provided,” said Mr Roberts in his nomination.

Mrs Ferbrache said she was delighted to have been chosen as the winner and was looking forward to using her prize money.

“I am going to look into which charity I want to choose as I want to give to a child-orientated one,” she said.

Mr Duquemin, who was joined on the judging panel by Sarah Barsby from Guernsey Mums and Yvonne Blundell from The Guernsey Press, said the standard of entries was very high.

“It’s always very humbling for us as judges to see just how many people in Guernsey give up hours and hours to help others and it’s a challenge each year to choose one winner,” he said.

“This year was no exception and every nominee would have been a deserving winner but we felt that Carolyn’s dedication to young people in the island, especially through fostering, had made a real difference.”

Mr Duquemin added that Lloyds TSB was planning to run the award again in 2013.


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