Ice Skate Guernsey sponsor to offset ice rink carbon emissions

December 7th, 2012 by Ice Skate Guernsey

The approach is being taken by Roebuck Trading, an alternative energy and carbon trading company, which is one of the principal sponsors of this year’s rink.

As part of the company’s sponsorship of the rink it decided to neutralise its carbon footprint – caused by the electricity used to power the coolers and the transport involved in getting the equipment to Guernsey.

Aleksey Nikulin of Roebuck, said “open air ice rinks have a very sizeable impact on the environment, which is no surprise as keeping the skating surface at sub-zero temperature requires a huge amount of energy.”

The offsetting will be done by a specially-appointed subsidiary of Roebuck, Carbon Bureau, and will be achieved by buying independently verified CER (Certified Emission Reductions) credits issued in recognition of the carbon reductions achieved on the projects.

“In buying these credits we are sponsoring reduction activity somewhere else in the world, thus bringing the ice rink’s global footprint down to zero,” Mr Nikulin said.

Richard Lord, manager of Sustainable Guernsey, said “we are pleased that Carbon Bureau will use their carbon trading expertise to off-set the carbon emissions produced by the transportation and operation of the ice rink in Market Square. This is a good initiative as we all have to find a way to reduce carbon emissions to minimise our interference with the Earth’s climate system.”

Roebuck has had previous experience working with island communities, including a waste disposal project in Malta.

James Evans, organiser of Ice Skate Guernsey, said “when Aleksey explained to me what he had in mind I immediately welcomed it. It’s great to know that this year not only will people be having fun on the ice, but we’re being responsible about carbon emissions and also helping young people with cancer and leukaemia through the contribution to CLIC Sargent.”

Fellow sponsor JT is getting behind Roebuck’s environmental initiative by holding a special New Year’s Eve ‘Go Green’ ice-party where skaters are encouraged to wear green and make more environmentally-friendly choices in 2013.


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