Barnardo’s recruiting volunteers to assist Young People Guernsey

December 7th, 2012 by Young People Guernsey

Two hundred and twenty guests helped raise in excess of £55,000 for Young People Guernsey at the inaugural Sydney Charles Group Charitable Foundation Ball held at the St. Pierre Park Hotel in early November 2012.

YPG is very grateful to Philip Lepp and the Sydney Charles team who organised the fundraising event, which made a significant contribution towards YPG costs for 2013.

As a result of generous donations from Stuart Hardie and the JOG to LE team, Barclays Champion Charities Initiative, and the Guernsey Community Foundation Quarterly Grants programme, YPG has sufficient funds to change the location of the entrance at The Hub.

YPG is going to move the entrance to the gable end of the building away from busy traffic (and a very narrow stretch of pavement), thus allowing a much safer and rather more discreet entrance to the Centre.

In addition, YPG is installing a ramp and railings so that there is full access for wheelchairs, buggies etc. The building work for the project will start early in 2013.

YPG is grateful to those donors who have made this change possible, and also to Rihoy & Son who have agreed to do the work on a non-profit basis.

YPG needs more volunteers at The Hub.

YPG’s first six listening volunteers have now completed their training, and are already making a difference to the lives of the young people accessing the Barnardo’s service at The Hub.

However, YPG has more children seeking help and support as each week passes, and so YPG would like to train the next group of volunteers as soon as possible.

The Hub is already supporting vulnerable young people. YPG want to ensure that it can provide the help they need, whenever they need it.

2012 has been a remarkable year for YPG. The generosity and support the charity has received means that YPG and Barnardo’s are helping young people have a different future.


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