How is Germany bringing about a ‘Clean Break’ from fossil fuels?

November 14th, 2012 by InsideClimate News

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A modern industrial economy, the biggest and most powerful in the European Union, is making a clean break from coal, oil and nuclear energy.

Germany already gets 25% of its electricity from renewables and is on track to be running on 80% renewable energy by 2050.

Some predict it could even reach 100% by then. Germans have given what is happening in their country a name: the Energiewende, or energy transformation.

Journalist Osha Gray Davidson traveled to Germany, to the sites of key projects, and met with the architects of the transformation to learn more about what they’ve done, how and why.

What he found, it turns out, is a story about self-reliant citizens in a responsive democracy who forged a national vision of a secure and prosperous energy future.

Clean Break is also an inspirational story, written in a conversational style that makes the Energiewende come alive for anyone interested in our energy supply.

Please visit the InsideClimate News website for further information.

Scaling Green has a summary of some of the key points of Osha Gray Davidson’s presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


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