Guernsey’s Bright Tights Day on 16 November 2012 raises awareness of gynaecological cancers

November 12th, 2012 by Guernsey Cancer Support

Bright Tights Day on 16 November 2012 raises awareness of gynaecological cancers and raise funds for gynaecological cancer research and treatments (click image to expand - image ©De Putron)

Guernsey Cancer Support is holding a fundraising event on Friday 16 November 2012 to promote the awareness of gynaecological cancers.

The general public are encouraged to wear ‘bright tights’ to work, school or just out and about during the day, contributing £1 to charity for doing so.

Funds raised will be equally apportioned between Guernsey Cancer Support and The Eve Appeal, a UK gynaecological charity, which works towards improved treatment and detection of all five gynaecological cancers.

Pat Child of the Guernsey Cancer Support, and event organiser, stressed the importance of raising awareness of cancer and ensuring everybody is aware of the signs and symptoms.

“Gynaecological cancer unlike breast cancer is something that many people aren’t aware of. Tights cover the area of the body affected by gynaecological cancers and it’s a fun way to get the message across.”

“It is really important that people aren’t afraid to discuss such issues and we hope that our ‘bright tights’ event gets the message across loud and clear,” she said.

Marks & Spencer in Guernsey have agreed to support the initiative and will be stocking brightly coloured tights.

If organisations, schools, or individuals wish to get involved donations should be issued by cheque to Guernsey Cancer Support.

Please email child@ or telephone 07839 206857 for more information about the fundraising initiative.

Please send donations to Pat Child at Guernsey Cancer Support, Les Jonquilles, Clos de Fosse Andre, St Peter Port, GY1 1XZ


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