Guernsey charity provides financial assistance to Vietnamese village

November 22nd, 2012 by An Vien Village Charitable Trust

(please click on image to download a PDF file detailing the work of the Charitable Trust)

The An Vien Village Charitable Trust works in Vietnam.

All the funds raised by the Charitable Trust go to help the people of An Vien village. No funds are spent on charity administration.

Some of the Charitable Trust’s achievements include 48 village children recommended by the village school, receiving educational sponsorship since 2003.

The Charitable Trust has given grants to seven severely handicapped children to improve their quality of life.

It has funded 53 of the poorest families to buy new rice seed following a rice seedling failure due to inclement weather in January 2008.

It has enabled 137 families in the village to have access to fresh clean water at a cost of over £19,000.

The Charitable Trust has also paid for 18 tons of seed potatoes which were planted in November 2007.

The Charitable Trust purchased a communal tractor for the use by the villagers because of the loss of animals of burden in January 2008.

The Charitable Trust has identified future projects it wishes to accomplish including:

  • Purchase a rice thrashing machine for use by the villagers.
  • Finance the construction of a two 2 kilometre pathway to enable the rice farmers to gather and deliver their rice to their homes for drying.
  • Replace very old school furniture for ten classrooms at a cost of about £6000

Deputy and Captain Barry Paint, Chairman of the An Vien Village Charitable Trust (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Charitable Trust has the following board members:

  • Chairman: Captain B. J. E Paint
  • Fund raiser: Mr R. Champion
  • Secretary: Mrs J. Tasker
  • Treasurers: Mr & Mrs C Goubert
  • Committee members: Judge Ms C McMillen, Deputy D. Jones, Mrs B. Jones,  Mr M. Garrett, and Deputy M. Storey

For more information about the work of the An Vien village Charitable Trust please contact Barry Paint on 01481 254502 or email bpaint @


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