You have until 20 October to enter Les Bourgs Hospice lottery draw

October 11th, 2012 by Les Bourgs Hospice

The 13 October 2012 draw for the Les Bourgs Million Pound Lottery has been delayed for one week to increase the chances of tickets selling out and therefore maximising the benefit for the Hospice.

When the lottery was launched in June 2012, it had been hoped that the draw could take place on World Hospice Day, but ticket sales were slower than expected.

“Up until three weeks ago, we had only sold half the tickets and so we were faced with the very real possibility of making a loss. We needed to sell approximately 3,700 tickets to cover the prize money and the costs of running the lottery and we were some way off that with less than a month to go,” said Jack Honeybill, the promoter and chairman of the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice.

“But since we introduced the impromptu syndicates, where people can buy a tenth share of a ticket for £30, increased the number of outlets thanks to the generosity of NatWest, Le Friquet Garden Centre, Waitrose and all the amazing volunteers who have manned the stalls, and continued to raise the profile of the lottery through the fantastic support of the media, we have now managed to sell enough tickets to cover the costs.”

Mr Honeybill said when he realised just how much islanders had rallied to the support of Les Bourgs Hospice, he approached the Home Department to ask about the possibility of delaying the draw.

“It just didn’t seem right that given the overwhelming support from islanders in recent weeks that we couldn’t raise the money need to reach the £4 million target of the Redevelopment Appeal.”

“At the current rate of sales, I am hoping that we can sell all of the tickets by the new draw date of Saturday 20 October 2012 and not only change the lives of some very lucky islanders but also raise what is needed to complete the fundraising for the new Les Bourgs Hospice.”

Until the day of the draw, tickets will also be on sale at the following locations:

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