Nominate Bailiwick of Guernsey nature conservation work for award

October 1st, 2012 by Joint Nature Conservation Committee

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) recognises with the annual Blue Turtle Award the work being done to conserve biodiversity in the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies by local people.

The award is for nature conservation work undertaken by an individual or group of individuals, from an Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency, who have made a valuable contribution to nature conservation in their area.

This award covers nature conservation work in 14 Overseas Territories and three Crown Dependencies.

The three Crown Dependencies include the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man.

The work or project should have been in place for over a year, demonstrate innovation, and have made a real difference.

The Award will give £500 to the individual or the group, and an additional £1,000 contribution to an Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency nature conservation project of their choice.

Marcus Yeo, Managing Director of JNCC, said “the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies have an incredibly rich variety of plants and animals, but in some cases urgent action is needed to ensure their continued survival.”

“There are many examples of professional and enthusiastic work by the local populations, often with little fanfare.”

“The Blue Turtle Award acknowledges and rewards their efforts in the hope that others will be inspired by their achievements,” he said.

Nominations are invited from governments, non-governmental organisations, the voluntary sector, the private sector and individuals, and should be submitted no later than 31 October 2012.

Two new tiers specifically for children and young people in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies will be launched in 2013.

These tiers will replace the current Blue Turtle Award in 2013.

One tier will be aimed at children aged from five to eleven years and the second tier will be for young people aged from 12 to 18 years. More details will follow early in 2013.

Tony Weighell, one of the Award judges and Programme Manager for JNCC’s Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, said “we spend a lot of our time preparing strategies and policies and setting targets for conservation work but it is easy to forget that these mean little without people on the ground committing time and effort to protecting and restoring the environment.”

“This award is designed to recognise, in a modest way, these individual and group efforts.”

“We also look forward to extending the award to younger age groups in 2013,” he said.

An on-line nomination form can be filled-in or the nomination form can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Previous year’s winners can be seen on the Blue Turtle Award webpage.

Click on the logo to go to the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Nature Conservation Award webpage to download the nomination form)

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