Les Bourgs Hospice milk cartons collect over £50,000 in loose change

October 29th, 2012 by Les Bourgs Hospice

Guernsey residents have helped Connie the Cash Cow raise more than £50,000 for Les Bourgs Hospice.

Since the initiative, which saw specially designed milk cartons being delivered to every home in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, was launched on 1 February 2012, 2,649 cartons have been returned, and it is estimated that nearly two million coins have been collected and counted.

“To raise £50,125 in loose change is absolutely amazing,” said Helen O’Meara, campaign organiser.

“I had always hoped that the money raised would make a real difference to Les Bourgs but when we reached the £50,000 mark, I was overwhelmed. Islanders have really taken Connie and her milk cartons to heart and it’s an incredible achievement,” she said.

Mrs O’Meara said the whole initiative would not have been as successful without the support of the sponsors and the volunteers from NatWest who counted coins over the last eight months and were helped during August and September 2012 by a number of other local companies including Swoffers, Guernsey Vending and KPMG.

“The enthusiasm that our main sponsors, the Guernsey Dairy, Guernsey Post, NatWest, G4S, The Partnership and Liquid have shown has been invaluable. They have all given their time willingly and covered all of the costs, which has ensured that literally every penny collected has gone to Les Bourgs Hospice,” she said.

All of the money raised was originally intended to go to the Redevelopment Appeal, which aimed to raised £4 million to fund the replacement of what was an outdated building with a new purpose built facility fit for 21st century use.

However, last week, following the success of the Million Pound Lottery, it was announced that the full amount needed had been raised and the Redevelopment Appeal was closed.

“We were obviously delighted to hear last week that islanders had raised £4 million to fund the redevelopment. It was our original intention that all the money raised would go to the Redevelopment Appeal but I hope that we will have the full support of islanders in now redirecting all of the money towards the £700,000 annual running costs,” Mrs O’Meara said.

All of the cartons, which have been collected, have now been recycled but anyone who still has a carton at home can return them.

“We know there are still lots of cash cow cartons out there so what we would ask is if they’re hungry then please keep feeding them and when they are full, just herd them back.”

“They can be dropped off at Les Bourgs Hospice, to either of the shops in Mont Arrive or on The Bridge, or if it’s in the next couple of weeks to Maubrook Jewellers before The Bridge shop reopens,” Mrs O’Meara said.

“Anyone who wants to keep on filling cartons can do so as there are empty ones at both shops and at the Hospice and all the money will go to the running costs.”


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