Guernsey Salvage creates a market for household material for reuse

October 24th, 2012 by Linda Barton

All year round we’re upgrading or downsizing, restoring or replacing the materials of our homes and gardens.

Some of us want to replace new for old, while others want more modern lines.

Unfortunately a great deal of useful material and items with restoration value still end up in the Mont Cuet landfill.

A door that needs a light retouch could be the perfect solution to someone requiring more light in an interior room (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Guernsey Salvage aims to become an important salvage destination. Not only for ordinary householders but for schools, institutions and the building trade who often have some real gems gathering dust in their yards and store rooms.

Radiators and a toilet being thrown out on Havelet, St Peter Port (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

At present we are looking for sellers to help bring the site to life before promoting the site to potential buyers.

Listing items on the site is free and we can offer some assistance in photographing items if required.

The wood for the hall floor was recovered from the refurbishment of Trinity Church (click image to enlarge - ©RLLord)

If you have something to sell please help us to get the ball rolling by listing your items on Guernsey Salvage.

(click image to go to Guernsey Salvage website)

2 Responses to “Guernsey Salvage creates a market for household material for reuse”

  1. Paul Luxon

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant concept, idea, initiative……well done, make it happen. Fantastic compliance with one of thr three key R’s from the Waste Hierarchy…..Re-use! Great added value to those who make use of unwanted but useful objects, and great ‘sustainability feel good factor’ for the discarder.

    Way2go Guernsey, make this site work.


  2. rosie dorey

    Excellent- brilliant idea. Maybe they should get in touch with the Press so that people who put things for ‘ecycling’ could up-load a picture onto this site?

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