Beautiful Art for the Love of Sark exhibition at Guernsey Museum until 31 December 2012

October 1st, 2012 by Events

Rosanne Guille and Peter Gabriel Byrne at the opening of the Art for the Love of Sark exhibition at the Guernsey Museum (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Guernsey Museum in Candie Gardens hosts a fabulous art exhibition of beautiful oil paintings,  water colours, charcoal drawings, and sculptures of Sark and Sark wildlife.

The museum gallery exhibits the art work of internationally recognised wildlife artists, with the Art for Nature Foundation, who visited Sark on two occasions in 2011.

Rosanne Guille invited the artists to Sark to document the island’s unspoiled nature and beauty and to raise awareness of Sark’s fragile ecosystem and its way of life.

'Hobby' horses and pheasant by Vadim Gorbatov (watercolour) (click image to expand - ©Vadim Gorbatov)

Rosanne is passionate about Sark. The island has been her family home for almost 500 years, and as an artist it has been the subject of her art work for over 30 years, and it is now where she and her husband, Peter Gabriel Byrne, are raising their two young children.

The non-profit organisation, Artists for Nature Foundation, was formed in 1990 by Dutch art collector and wildlife enthusiast Ysbrand Brouwers. The Foundation maintains excellent relationships with over 130 leading international wildlife and landscape artists who, through their art, highlight areas of the world that are in need of protection.

Rosanne first became aware of the Foundation’s work when she was at art college in Bournemouth.

Detail from 'Farming on top of a rock' by Carry Akroyd (watercolour and ink) (click image to expand - ©Carry Akroyd)

Sark is still unspoiled. There are no cars, no tarmac roads, no street lights, and it is a haven for thousands of species of plants, insects, birds and mammals.

Sark has never seen agriculture on an industrial scale until very recently. Sark’s traditional, rural way of life, which has remained small-scale and extensive is increasingly threatened.

Rosanne contacted Ysbrand Brouwers in 2009 when she became concerned by the changes occurring on Sark. Ysbrand Brouwers was immediately interested in bringing Artists for Nature Foundation artists to Sark.

After much fund raising and preparation, 21 artists came to Sark in May and September 2011 to record every aspect of island life.

The artists came from far afield as the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France, the UK, and Alaska. They immersed themselves in the task of using their unique skills to celebrate Sark life.

Bringing the Cows in for Milking by Jonathan Yule (watercolour) (click image to expand - ©Jonathan Yule)

It is Rosanne’s hope that the artists vision will bring about an awareness of the fragility of Sark’s environment.

According to the BBC 97% of UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost to intensive agriculture. Rosanne hopes that Sark can retain its wild flowers, sustain its diverse nature, and its special way of life.

The art for the love of Sark exhibited at the Guernsey Museum gallery is for sale. Some of the art works have been sold already but there are some still available for purchase at a reasonable price. The price list is available at the Guernsey Museum cashier. A portion of the sale price goes towards continuing the work to raise awareness of Sarks’ fragile ecosystem and its way of life.

The ‘Art for the Love of Sark‘ book is also available for sale at the Guernsey Museum and other fine book sellers.

The book is accompanied by a complementary film on DVD by Hans Rademakers about Sark featuring the music of Peter Gabriel Byrne and David Lynn Grimes, the wildlife artists, and the Project. The text is by Renate Zöller.

The book contains forewords by John Michael Beaumont OBE (Seigneur of Sark), David Bellamy OBE, Rosanne Guille (participating artist and project organiser) and Ysbrand Brouwers (Founder/director of the Artists for Nature Foundation).

The book includes also a voucher for a beautiful set of note cards of six images selected from the over 200 separate pieces of individual Art.

Four large framed monoprints representing coralline algae and anemones, saw wrack and thongweed, Laminaria and Wrasse by Kim Atkinson (all mixed media) (click image to expand ©Kim Atkinson)

Please visit the Rosanne Guille’s Sark Paintings website for more information on the Artists for Nature Foundation wildlife and landscape artists who visited Sark and portrayed its unique nature in their work.

And don’t miss the beautiful ‘Art for the Love of Sark’ exhibition at the Guernsey Museum, Candie Gardens, St Peter Port which is open until the end of 2012.


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