St Martin Primary School creates educational and play garden

September 7th, 2012 by Lagan Construction Group

Headteacher Cate Mason and Edwin Ryan from Lagan Construction Group with some of the garden designers in the raised platform, which is currently under construction. (Please click image to expand - image courtesy of Lagan Construction Group)

St Martin Primary School is creating a garden combining play and educational areas.

The garden, which was initially designed by pupils in Year 3 and developed by parent Vanessa Crispini–Adams and local architect Paul Langlois, has been funded by a donation of £1,500 from Lagan Construction Group and money from the PTA.

“The school didn’t have a garden area and we wanted to create something that would attract wildlife, support indigenous plants and trees and provide an area where children could learn and have fun,” said headteacher Cate Mason.

“The garden is divided into four contrasting areas: a quiet area for reflection and drawing, a role play area for creative play, a raised platform where a whole class can gather and learn and an area for den-making and construction play.”

Work started on the garden over the summer holidays and over the coming weeks the schoolchildren will begin planting.

The St Martin Primary School garden plan (Please click architectural plan to expand - plan courtesy of Paul Langlois Architects)

“There has been an emphasis in the UK on creating outdoor classrooms and we recognised the many benefits this area could bring but of course funding was a barrier we had to overcome,” said Mrs Mason.

“We have been very lucky that volunteers have given up their time to help with the manual labour and we can use the planting as an educational lesson for the children.”

“However, the whole project really wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of Lagan and the PTA and so we are extremely grateful to them,” she said.

The garden, which is designed to only require an annual tidy up undertaken by children and their parents, will be officially opened next month.

Steve Turner, Project manager for Lagan Construction Group said the garden would bring many benefits.

“Part of Lagan’s ethos is to support legacy projects within the communities in which we are working.”

“The garden at St Martin’s Primary School will be a place where children for generations to come can meet together, learn and play and it will enhance the educational facilities that the school has,” he said.


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