Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2012 award open for nominations

September 26th, 2012 by Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund

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THE search has begun for the Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2012.

This year, the winner of the award, which recognises the commitment of a Guernsey resident to children, will win a cash prize of £500 and also a cheque for £500 for the charity of their choice.

“This is the third year Lloyds TSB has run this award and we felt the time was right to change the format slightly. We know from previous entries just how much work so many nominees have done for charity and so we felt that this was a perfect way of rewarding them for their amazing dedication to young people in Guernsey,” said Craig Duquemin, Lloyds TSB business development manager.

The Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2012 is run in conjunction with Guernsey Mums and entries are now being received.

A spokesman for Guernsey Mums said they were excited about supporting the award for the third year.

“We want to hear about people who go beyond the call of duty to help young people in Guernsey.”

Mr Duquemin will be joined on the judging panel by a member of Guernsey Mums and Yvonne Blundell from The Guernsey Press.

“Nominations in 2010 and 2011 were for relatives, childminders, foster parents and people who volunteer for children’s organisations. We have no doubt that our decision to choose a winner will be just as hard this year as know how many people there are who give hours of their own time to help others,” Mr. Duquemin said.

The Lloyds TSB Child Carer of the Year 2011 was Joy Bourgaize who was recognised for her 25 years as a beaver leader and a career as a childminder as well as looking after her own five children and six grandchildren.

“It was a great shock and I don’t think I have got over it even now. It was overwhelming as I really didn’t expect it, I just do it for the love of it,” she said.

Mrs Bourgaize said she was told to spend the prize money on herself, which she admitted was a struggle. She brought herself some new walking shoes and had the band replaced on her engagement ring.

“It had worn thin and so I couldn’t wear it anymore and my husband kept saying I should get it done but with five children, it didn’t seem right to spend money on myself and so I never did it. I couldn’t have done all that I have without my husband’s support and so it seemed right to use the prize money for that,” she said.

She encouraged people to nominate those people who deserved to be recognised.

“It’s such a lovely idea because there are so many people in Guernsey who care for children and do it simply because they love children. It was such a lovely surprise that someone had taken notice of what I had been doing,” she said.

Nomination forms, which are available from branches of Lloyds TSB in Smith Street, St Martin’s, and on The Bridge, St Sampson as well as from Sarnia House in Le Truchot, St Peter Port need to be returned by 1 November 2012.

The winner will be announced at the end of November 2012.

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