Isle of Wight to hold October 2012 Ecoisland sustainability summit

September 13th, 2012 by Ecoisland

The Isle of Wight has set the ambitious target of becoming renewable energy self-sufficient by 2020.

The project has already attracted major partners including IBM, Toshiba, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Silver Springs Network, Scottish and Southern Energy, Toyota, ITM Power and Southern Water.

Ecoislands is a global leader for sustainable communities born out of the Isle of Wight project.

Their aim is to enable every region around the world to achieve the ambitious target of living within their means and they’re wasting no time in turning that vision into reality.

Ecoislands will host the inaugural Ecoislands Global Summit 2012 from 16 to 17 October, uniting island and regional communities from around the world on a journey to achieving sustainability.

To find out more about the summit please contact Charlotte Hodgson on 0207 287 7081 or email charlotte.hodgson @

The summit will invite islands from around the world, as well as regional communities in the UK, to publicly commit to becoming renewable energy self-sufficient by 2020 and sustainable by 2030 by signing the Ecoislands Accord.

The accord is signed by a member of the community with the authority to implement the commitment on behalf of the population of that ‘island’.

Those communities that are not yet ready to make the commitment will have the opportunity to take what they’ve learned from the summit back to their own communities in order to lay the foundations for signing the Accord at the 2013 summit.

The Ecoislands Global Summit 2012 will also share progress from the flagship ecoisland project on the Isle of Wight itself; showcasing research and development activities, demonstration projects and community initiatives spanning energy, transport, fuel, water and waste management.

David Green, Ecoislands Founder and Chief Executive,  said “the Ecoislands Global Summit 2012 is the chance for island and regional communities to take control of their own futures.”

“The summit is not about talk and targets, it’s about communities uniting on a meaningful journey to sustainability, and accessing the resources and knowledge to turn that vision into reality,” he said.

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