London’s Climatecars car service grows with exceptional service and green technology

August 11th, 2012 by Climatecars

One of Climatecars' Toyota Prius' with its distinctive logo on Upper Grosvenor Street, London (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Climatecars, founded by entrepreneur Nicko Williamson, is a London based eco-friendly car service running low emission hybrid and zero-emission electric cars primarily for the business community.

The car service which covers the Greater London area and all London airports has become one of the fastest growing companies in its sector since its launch in 2007. It was the first car service to add 100% zero emission electric cars to its fleet in London in 2012.

Climatecars continues to thrive. During its last financial year the company boasted a 24% increase in turnover and remained profitable. The amount of account customers has increased to over 800 London-based businesses.

Climatecars’ first five years in business has seen it grow by taking a niche idea into the mainstream through technology and exceptional service.

Climatecars has received a new round of debt funding from Clydesdale Bank, who have increased their available funds to £600,000, despite the debt crisis and challenges for SME funding in the UK.

Access to funding has enabled Climatecars to reinvest into the business and contribute to the development and growth of the green transport sector.

Climatecars, one of the pioneers of the green minicab revolution, are the first to feature the new Toyota Prius+ in the summer of 2012, which is the first fully hybrid seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

In addition to their current Prius hybrids and the fully electric Renault Fluence Z.E. saloons, the new seven-seat Prius+ retains all the traditional attributes of the Prius with ultra-low CO2 emissions of 96 grams per km versus a black cab at 233 grams per km+. Another 20 new vehicles are planned to join the fleet in autumn 2012.

In addition, an iphone app is being developed for Climatecars which will be launched in the autumn and add another way to book for their account, cash and credit card customers.

Nicko Williamson, Climatecars Founder & CEO, said “2011-12 has been a year of investment at Climatecars.”

“Our main aim is to ensure we maintain and improve service to keep and win new clients. We are excited about opportunities for growth throughout the rest of 2012 and will continue to invest heavily in the business,” he said.

Nicko Williamson will feature in the new BBC television series Be Your Own Boss which is being broadcast in the autumn of 2012.

The six-part BBC series is fronted by innocent drinks co-founder, Richard Reed.

Richard Reed is making available an investment fund to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Nicko Williamson is involved as a mentor and judge because of his expertise and experience in the transport sector, and his knowledge of starting and building businesses.

(Please click on the logo to go to the Climatecars website)

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