Guernsey Cheshire Home donation means more time for residents

August 1st, 2012 by Guernsey Cheshire Home

Six months of hand washing bed pans and bottles has come to an end at Guernsey Cheshire Home thanks to a welcome donation for the purchase of a new sluice machine.

Guernsey Cheshire Home's new sluice machine made possible with a donation from RBC Wealth Management (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Guernsey Cheshire Home’s previous old sluicer had broken down meaning staff had to wash and sterilise by hand which was very time consuming. The offer of help from RBC Wealth Management in the form of a generous donation for a new piece of equipment could not have come at a better time.

Karen Franklin, Administrator from the charity said “as a smaller charity we are sometimes overlooked when it comes to donations, so we were extremely grateful to receive a helping hand from RBC Wealth Management. The sluice does a superb job of cleaning and sterilising and the time it has saved means our staff can now spend more time with our residents.”

Alan Pearce, Chairman of RBC Wealth Management’s Donations Fund Committee said “our donations fund allows us to make a contribution to smaller charitable projects that benefit the local Bailiwick. We are therefore delighted to hear that our donation to Guernsey Cheshire Home has made a real difference to the charity.”

Guernsey Cheshire Home entrance (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Guernsey Cheshire Home provides individual care and support for adults living with severe physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, stroke and spinal injury. Each resident has their own specially adapted and equipped room.


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