Birds, tree diseases and autumn planting discussed at Guernsey Tree Warden lunch on 31 July 2012

August 2nd, 2012 by Andrew McCutcheon

Vic Froome was the guest speaker at the monthly Guernsey Tree Warden Lunch on 31 July 2012, which took place at the Guernsey Yacht Club.

Vic Froome gave an impassioned view that trees need birds & birds need trees.

“When planning to plant trees we need to make sure that we choose trees of the right species and origin that are suitable for bird species. Much remains to be done to get back what we’ve lost in terms of avian biodiversity,” he said.

“We should also ensure we plant trees that will grow to large mature specimens by giving them space for their roots and their canopies to grow, because bigger trees provide bigger benefits,” he said.

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Also discussed was the Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers publication, which offers a comprehensive set of 12 action-oriented principles which can be adapted to the unique context of one’s own town or city to provide a roadmap for trees in a 21st century context. Each principle is fully supported by explanations of delivery mechanisms, examples of the principle in practice, and links to further references.

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The UK’s Independent Panel on Forestry Report has been published which, amongst other things, recommends:

  • calling on the government to ensure that land-use creates a coherent and resilient ecological network at a landscape scale, by integrating policy and delivery mechanisms for woods, trees and forests in line with the principles in the “Making Space for Nature” report, published by the Lawton Review
  • calling on government and other woodland owners to give as many people as possible ready access to trees and woodlands for health and well-being benefits – this means planting more trees and woodlands closer to people and incentivising more access to existing woodlands.

Tree Diseases to look out for

Chalara Ash Disease is a new disease threat to ash trees in Guernsey. The leaflet from the Forestry Commission provides information.

Please look out for symptoms on ash and report anything suspicious to Plant Health or Andrew McCutcheon.

London planes are slowly getting over the Anthracnose disease which has affected them badly this year.

Proposed Tree Planting near Le Gouffre

A Diamond Jubilee planting has been provisionally organised for Saturday 17 November 2012 near Le Gouffre, which will be funded by the Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands, planted on National Trust land, and organised by The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees.

The lunchtime donations raised a further £35 making a total of £85 collected for tree planting through the Guernsey Tree Warden lunches this year.

The next Guernsey Tree Warden lunch at the Guernsey Yacht Club, St Peter Port will be on Tuesday 25 September 2012.


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