Skipton Swimarathon in October to aid Guernsey Cardiac Action Group

July 16th, 2012 by Skipton International Ltd

The Skipton Swimarathon on 3 to 7 October 2012 is all about having fun and raising funds for good causes locally.

In 2012, money is being collected for the Guernsey Cardiac Action Group to help them purchase and provide training for the use of twelve public access defibrillators, which will be placed in and around the community and are designed specifically to treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a condition when the heart stops beating unexpectedly.

These defibrillators are especially designed for people with little or no medical background and therefore are ideal for members of the public to use. When applied to the patient, voice commands and screen messages guide the user step by step through the process. A defibrillator delivers an electric current through the chest which aims to shock the heart back into normal rhythm allowing it to pump blood again.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise so helps to maintain a healthy heart. With this year’s cause in mind and the event getting closer, the Skipton Swimarathon and Cardiac Action Group have uncovered five interesting facts about the human heart.

  • The heart is located almost in the centre of the chest, although many think it is on the left side
  • The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute which is 100,000 times a day
  • A healthy heart pumps 9,000 litres of blood through 60,000 blood vessels each day
  • Your body has 5.6 litres of blood. This 5.6 litres of blood circulates through the body three times every minute. In one day, the blood travels 12,000 miles

You can feel your pulse by placing two fingers at pulse points on your neck or wrists. The pulse you feel is blood stopping and starting as it moves through your arteries. As a child, your resting pulse might range from 90 to 120 beats a minute. As an adult, it slows to an average of 72 beats a minute.

There’s lots you can do to keep your heart healthy. You don’t need to overhaul your entire lifestyle, just think about a number of health related habits such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and be aware of the dangers of smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and stress.

The Skipton Swimarathon is now in its 36th year and takes place again at the Beau Sejour centre from Wednesday 3 October to Sunday 7 October 2012.

Over the years, many thousands of pounds have been raised for charities and good causes on Guernsey by local swimmers. It is open to all ages and all abilities. You can enter by yourself or as a team.

Jeff Kitts, chairman of the Skipton Swimarathon Committee said “this year’s Cardiac Action Group appeal is such an important cause which could affect everybody here in Guernsey. Now is a great time to start planning your team and themes for the Skipton Swimarathon and to start fundraising, so come and join us and make 2012 our best fundraising effort yet.”

For more information please visit the Skipton Swimarathon website or follow news on Twitter or on Facebook.


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