Connie the cow raises money for Les Bourgs Hospice and GALP

July 1st, 2012 by Les Bourgs Hospice

One of the cows taking part in this year’s Cow Parade will raise money not only for Guernsey Adult Literacy Project (GALP) but also for Les Bourgs Hospice.

KPMG is sponsoring the cow, which has been transformed into a replica of Connie the cow, the face of one of the current fundraising initiatives for the hospice.

“Following the incredible success of the 2011 Donkey Parade, KPMG was very keen to once again support GALP and we were delighted to secure one of the 52 cows,” said KPMG managing director Mark Thompson.

“As a Governor of Les Bourgs Hospice, I have had the privilege of seeing just how essential the hospice is to Guernsey and the very special place it holds in the island. It is quite simply invaluable as is the support which GALP provides. The Connie the Cow campaign was being developed at the time the Cow Parade was launched and it was suggested that we might donate our cow to Les Bourgs. Our staff were very supportive of the idea and Les Bourgs was delighted.”

The cow statue has undergone an amazing transformation to look like Connie, masterminded by Mandy Redhead who used all kinds of creative and engineering tricks to give her the distinctive Connie look.

After the Cow Parade is unveiled on Sunday 1st July 2012, Connie will go on display in the car park of the new hospice where she can be visited as part of the parade of cows all over the island.

All of the money collected in Connie’s base will be divided equally between Les Bourgs Hospice and GALP.

“When I heard that KPMG wanted their cow to become Connie, I was really pleased. She has become very popular since we launched the Connie the Cash Cow carton campaign in February and now she will be immortalised forever. We hope that as much money as possible can be raised for both Les Bourgs and GALP, which each provide a unique service to the island,” said Connie campaign organiser Helen O’Meara.

Guernsey College of Further Education principal Trevor Wakefield, who is organising the Cow Parade, said that all of the cows will be collecting money.

“All except Connie will be collecting money for GALP but when KPMG approached us and asked whether the money raised by Connie could be split between Les Bourgs and GALP, we had no hesitation in saying yes. All of our sponsors and artists have upped the ante this year and Connie is going to be one of 52 unique cows on parade around Guernsey this summer,” he said.


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