MUG’s mountain bike ride on 7 July 2012 to help conquer male cancers

June 23rd, 2012 by Richard Lord

“We came up with the idea for a mountain bike ride in support of Male Uprising in Guernsey in February 2011,” Ian Brown of Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop said.

“We wanted to do something like the Pink Ladies and we wanted to do it for men. A mountain bike ride around the coast seemed a good idea.”

“Our aim is to raise funds for research into male cancers but this event isn’t only for men. The MUG mountain bike ride, which can accommodate 900 riders, on the 7 July 2012, is open to men and women, and adults and children from 7 years upwards to 70 and beyond. The event is inclusive not exclusive; you don’t have to be a proficient mountain bike rider to ride this course,” Ian Brown said.

“The course will be very well marshaled and very well signed. Every one of the obstacles or apparatus will have an experienced mountain biker to marshal the riders on, and there will be marshals at the junctions as well. The course will include a little bit of road but there won’t be any on-coming traffic.”

“The entrance fee is £20 for adults and a £10 for children. We’re hoping that people get sponsors in addition to the entrance fee as the purpose is to raise as much money as possible for research into cures of male cancers,” Ian Brown said.

“Everybody knows somebody who is touched by cancer so the motivation is there to raise as much money as possible because we are going to pledge it to research and into development of diagnostic techniques.”

“MUG is working closely with The Orchidians. The Orchidians are going to have all the money this event raises, and they are going to distribute it.”

“About ninety percent of the funds will go to Roger Allsopp’s Hope charity and about 10% will go to Prostate Cancer UK

“The Orchidians will keep a small amount to continue their good work on the island.”

In terms of how the money raised will be spent, that will be left to the medical experts. We have had a presentation from cancer researcher Professor Paul Townsend from Southampton who is responsible for the new mass spectrometer, which was commissioned in March 2012, and partially funded by MUG committee member Roger Allsopp and his great endeavour across the English Channel, so if there’s a benefit from that, that is where the funds may go.”

Tim Nelson, CEO of the Dominion Group, the main sponsor of the MUG mountain bike ride, said “our involvement started with the staff in the office who became aware that the MUG mountain bike ride was taking place.”

“They were very keen to take part, and were organising a team, which came to my attention,” he said.

“There were two things that made Dominion Fund Management decide to become a sponsor.”

“First, it was for a very good cause. Everyone has been touched to a greater or lesser extent by cancer in some way, shape or form. It is a very important cause.”

“And second, everyone in our business was already keen to take part in the mountain bike ride so it was a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our involvement so we are delighted to be involved.”

“For Dominion this is the most significant sponsorship we have done so far. We have been involved in other fund raising efforts over the years but as a main sponsor this is our first step.”

“We have committed, for us, a reasonably significant sum of money to the charity, and we’ll have a team of ten from Dominion taking part in the mountain bike ride on the 7 July,” Mr. Nelson said.


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