KPMG skills and fund raising help Tumaini Fund help people of Kagera

June 1st, 2012 by KPMG

Dr Susan Wilson of The Tumaini Fund (on the left) with Glenda Bosha of KPMG (click image to expand - image courtesy of KPMG)

Glenda Bosha, assistant audit manager at KPMG in the Channel Islands, is travelling to Tanzania to review the Tumaini Fund’s 2011 financial year accounts as part of the firm’s corporate citizenship programme.

Glenda volunteered to help with the accounts and prepare them for their annual audit. This is conducted every year to international standards and written off by Tumaini Funds honorary auditor Roger Arundale and is a fundamental governance need for the charity.

Miss Bosha leaves Guernsey on Friday 1 June 2012 and will spend ten days in Kagera, in the north-west province of Tanzania, with Dr Susan Wilson, chairman of the Tumaini Fund.

Miss Bosha, who was born in Zimbabwe and relocated to Guernsey in 2011, is passionate about Africa and was keen to get involved with this charity in some way.

Having presented her strong case to the corporate citizenship team at KPMG, the firm agreed to give her time off to match the leave allowance she is using for the trip, as well as helping with a fund raising dress-down day in the office where they matched the funds raised.

The funds they raised will go towards secondary school fees for children in Tanzania, benefitting 53 orphans.

Ms Bosha will also be taking with her some KPMG donated pens, notebooks and bags, – essential items for the schoolchildren.

The Tumaini Fund is a Guernsey-based charity established in 2001 by Dr Susan Wilson with the aim of alleviating the suffering of AIDs widows and orphans in Kagera through the improvement of standard of living and promotion of good health and education.

The charity was recognised at the Guernsey Community Awards 2011, winning the Overseas Award.

Dr Susan Wilson of The Tumaini Fund speaks with James Partridge after accepting the 2011 Guernsey Community Foundation Overseas Award from Dame Mary Perkins of Specsavers (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“This will be a fantastic experience for me where I will be able to use my expertise in a way that truly makes a difference. The Tumaini Fund is involved in terrific work and I hope the trip will be enlightening,” said Miss Bosha.

Tony Mancini, Executive director of KPMG in the Channel Islands, said that this was clearly a great opportunity for Glenda and the firm was very pleased to be able to support her visit.

“Recently we have been refocusing our corporate citizenship to try to use our professional skills and the talents of our people for the benefit of charitable organisations. In this way, we can add so much more than simple funding.”

“The Tumaini Fund is an excellent cause and Glenda’s project fits perfectly with our ‘values in action’ programme. Facilitating such projects gives our people a great opportunity to widen horizons and for personal development. We are looking forward to Glenda sharing her experiences on her return,” Mr Mancini said.

With work continuing year-round, Dr Wilson returns to Kagera annually to undertake a fieldwork audit, fact-find and visit communities. With 100% of donated funds injected directly into Tanzania, the charity relies on the support of a range of benefactors for equipment and administration tasks.

“The Tumaini Fund’s wonderful achievements rely heavily on the support we receive from our sponsors. Glenda is a member of Holy Trinity Church and had responded to our appeal. She was very keen to get involved, which is fantastic. We would not be able to carry out our work without the invaluable services she will bring to the project over the next few weeks,” Dr Wilson said.

The charity relies on the support of an auditor each year and will be looking for a volunteer to fill this position in 2013.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this opportunity please contact Dr Susan Wilson at yesunitumaini @


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