Cycling for Les Bourgs Hospice is a pleasure

June 10th, 2012 by Richard Lord

Ian Brown’s 30/30 Challenge takes place in Guernsey each year to raise money for Les Bourgs Hospice.

Jayne Symes of My Destination Guernsey participated in the 30/30 Challenge in 2011 and did so again in 2012.

Jayne Symes during the 2012 30/30 cycling challenge (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“This year I gave myself a harder challenge of cycling 30 miles a day instead of just an hour a day for 30 days. I used a mileometer on my bike, which psychologically kept the wheels turning,” she said.

Jayne began the 30/30 Challenge last year because her husband had taken part in the previous two years.

“I have friends who have had family members or relatives that have suffered and they have availed of the services of Les Bourgs Hospice and are hugely impressed with it,” she said.

“The 30/30 cyclists each have to raise at least £900 but my aim is for £1000 in sponsorship money. Some sponsors have donated £10, a number of people have kindly pledged £50, and two sponsors have very kindly pledged £100 on my Justgiving page,” she said.

The 2012 30/30 Challenge hopes to raise £50,000 for Les Bourgs Hospice.

“At the beginning of the Challenge I was doing 30 miles in around the two hours mark but I did 30 miles on 17 May in windy conditions and tackling hills in just under 1 hour 40 minutes,” she said.

“From my home I can get to Vazon on my bike in ten minutes. More often than not it can take me as long in a car or even longer by the time I am stop-starting in traffic.”

“It is easy to get around on a bike, or easier, and the stress factor is a lot less – no difficulty finding parking or being stuck in traffic and having to deal with all the roadworks at the moment. I will definitely be cycling to work. My husband already cycles to work,” she said.

Jayne Symes cycles along St George's Esplanade in St Peter Port (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“My shape has changed in the short time I have been cycling, and I have much more energy, even though I am burning a lot off during the day. It gives me peace of mind. I work better. I am firing from all cylinders so long may it last.”

“There are two friends who have just taken up cycling recently and are taking it really quite seriously and have sworn to sign-up for the 30/30 Challenge next year.”

“One of my friends came on a couple of rides with me at the beginning of the 30/30 – and now she is out everyday.”

“Like a lot of people here, she didn’t think it could be as fun as it is, and she’s on the phone everyday asking ‘what time are we going out?’ She has said that she is definitely going to do the 30/30 Challenge next year.”

“The 30/30 Challenge is a really nice way of seeing the island because I think when you are in your car you tend to stick to the main roads like the Forest Road or the seafront.”

“On my bike I go down the quieter roads and get to see all the fabulous places that I have never come across before. It’s amazing. It’s nice for photography. I always have my phone with me, and I catch things like a family of ducks that I would never see in a car, ever, and the smell of flowers is fantastic,” she said.

“With cyclists there’s a really nice community – whatever ability you are – you don’t have to be super fit. Whenever you meet someone on the road or from the opposite direction you always get a wave or a ‘hello’.”

“During the Challenge even when I went out on my own – I went out on a couple of occasions on my own – invariable I ended up being joined by another cyclist with the green jersey.”

“I cannot run and talk at the same time but with cycling it doesn’t take it out of you so much so it’s nice to be able to chat, which I like doing.”

Jayne Symes and Jamie Falla on the final day of the 30/30 Challenge after their completion of the Rock to Rocque bike ride (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

It is not too late to donate money to Jayne Symes 30/30 Challenge for Les Bourgs Hospice. Make a donation on Justgiving.


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