How and where do I find out which Guernsey charity to volunteer for?

May 11th, 2012 by

A Guernsey website that will enable volunteers and charities to connect is live. is a re-brand of the site and will provide a platform for Guernsey volunteers to see where Guernsey organisations may need assistance and for these organisations to target islanders.

Those involved with the new site, created by design agency Betley Whitehorne, are hoping that more islanders will consider volunteering in future.

‘We are hoping that this newly re-branded site will become an easy and simple way for charities to target the island population and attract volunteers,’ said Alex Hanna, on the charity committee.

‘From experience, there is no shortage of people willing to give their time in the island and we hope more people will consider the benefits of using the site.’

All charities and members of the Association of Guernsey Charities are requested to register on the website, and verify their information.

They will then be able to supply future updates. It may be a committee needs support for a one-off event, such giving a charity shop a new coat of paint or to clear an overgrown garden, or it may be on-going volunteers that are needed, say to drive a bus, as a member of the meals on wheels team, or to sell flags on flag days.

‘We’d like this website to be the first port of call for Guernsey islanders and temporary residents who are thinking about volunteering,’ said Miss Hanna.

“We also envisage companies who may want to provide support or help as part of their corporate social responsibility programme, or as a team building day, to find this site very useful.”

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