Guernsey children benefit from dinghy sponsorship

May 24th, 2012 by Nashcopy Channel Islands Ltd

Nashcopy, the office equipment distributor, has sponsored an Optimist dinghy designed to introduce children to sailing.

The Guernsey Sailing Trust now has 14 vessels for children to learn to sail because of Nashcopy’s donation.

Adam Reed, Principal of the Guernsey Sailing Trust, said the Optimist dinghies were small and safe and so a perfect starting experience for children.

“Working closely with the States of Guernsey Education Department we offer sailing lessons to almost every primary and secondary school. Living on an island we feel it is important that children learn about the surrounding environment, about the water, the winds and the tides. Sailing is a wholesome and enjoyable way to do that,” Mr. Reed said.

The Guernsey Sailing Trust charity was set up in 1988 to remove the perception that sailing was a sport for the privileged. It has used Optimist dinghies to teach youngsters from all walks of life for the last 19 years. Some former students have gone on to sail in various UK national squads.

Nashcopy’s boat replaces an aging dinghy and will join the rest of the modern fleet at the Model Yacht Pond and Havelet Bay throughout the summer holidays and during Royal Yachting Association (RYA) courses.

Clive Le Tissier from Nashcopy said “I started racing about five years ago and honestly, it is so much fun, that I think everyone should get the chance to go sailing. The guys at the Yacht Club who started sailing when they were young have so much knowledge; when I was given the opportunity to donate a learning dinghy for the island’s children I was happy to help.”


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