Sure employs paperless contracts to improve customer service and reduce environmental impact

April 12th, 2012 by Sure

Sure customers and the environment will benefit from new technology that enables a paperless service in its shops.

In an era of rapid technological advancement, today’s mobile phones are capable of incredible tasks, yet are generally purchased by signing a piece of paper.

But that is about to change in Guernsey.

Sure has recently implemented a system called V-DOCS, which uses paperless contracts, saving time and paper while reducing the risks of error.

Paper contracts are inefficient, harmful to the environment and are often misplaced by customers who may need to refer to them in future. The new system lets customers view their contracts on screen and sign them using an electronic pad. A copy is then electronically sent to their chosen email address, rather than their contract being printed out, signed in triplicate, a copy scanned by Sure, and another filed at home, to name but a few of the steps involved.

In addition, V-DOCS automates the direct debit process, which ensures application delays are avoided and is more secure than paper copies being sent by post. Customer data is stored in a central repository that employs leading edge encryption, and uses the same security controls and standards as Internet banking.

‘Digital contracts are an environmentally conscious solution, that not only improve the service we deliver to our customers, but also mean we can act in a more sustainable way,’ said Sure chief executive Eddie Saints.

‘We believe the streamlined contract signing process will make a real difference to our customers. Our customer service assistants will be able to spend more time helping customers, and less time administering a paper trail.’


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