Young People Guernsey seeks corporate sponsorship for vibrant teenage activities on Liberation Day

March 9th, 2012 by Young People Guernsey

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Young People Guernsey have been asked by the Liberation Day Organising Committee to provide a range of activities for young teenagers on a specially designated area of the waterfront on 9 May 2012.

This is an age range that has not had specific activities in prior years and so we are very keen to provide innovative and engaging activities, allowing young teenagers the opportunity to try out or see something new, whilst also raising the profile of the YPG charity and the service that our Centre will provide.

Our proposals include creating a unique artwork with a UK cartoonist and also bringing across the street dance duo “Twist and Pulse”, finalists from “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Should you wish to discover more about the potential corporate sponsorship opportunities this venture offers then please read below.

In prior years, Liberation Day activities have mainly been provided for younger children (under 10’s) and older teenagers (e.g. the evening concert in 2011).

However, earlier this year YPG were approached by the Liberation Day 2012 organisers and asked to create an area on Liberation Day 2012 that will provide something completely different for young teenagers – this was an opportunity that YPG leapt at!

During 2012 YPG will be opening our ground-breaking information, advice and guidance centre for 11 to 16 year olds, in partnership with Barnardo’s.

On 9 May 2012, a designated area of activities for young people, organised by YPG, would allow us to significantly raise the profile of the centre and the service that it will offer, as well as providing a fund-raising opportunity for the charity.

Sponsorship of these activities (either the individual activities or the whole area) will enable a corporate supporter to establish early brand awareness to this young age group, something which can be difficult to achieve.

In dry weather approximately 12,000 people attend Liberation Day. This comprises around 20% of the island’s population and so sponsorship of our activities could enable cost-effective marketing to a large audience.

We propose that we will sell wristbands to teenagers for each activity (at £1 each) and all funds raised in this way will be donated to the charity.

In addition, we shall have volunteers circulating in the designated area distributing leaflets about our Centre and taking donations in collection buckets.

There are four different activities planned by YPG for 11 to 16 year olds on Liberation Day 2012. The activities that we propose are innovative, interactive, vibrant, fresh and appealing to young teenagers.

The projects are:

Under the guidance of cartoon artist Scott Walker, little and not so little folk of all abilities will follow an irresistible urge to add to this art project. Two large black and white cartoon graphics made of canvas are stretched onto a pre-constructed structure made of plywood. This age group will paint with pens in hand and add their own contribution to the ‘graffiti’ wall.

When completed, the wall (kindly constructed by Channel Island Ceramics) will permanently reside at the YPG centre in town.
It is possible to include the logo of the corporate sponsor within the artwork.

“Twist and Pulse” are an amazing street dance act who became nationally known when they were finalists on “Britain’s Got Talent”.

They are a young duo who can immediately engage and appeal to our targeted age group, and we anticipate that there will be considerable media activity related to their visit. We consider the possibility of bringing over this street dance phenomenon a huge opportunity for the charity and corporate sponsor.

The pod is exciting and different and is used by this age group at events already. The photo POD enables guests to capture memories within a fun environment using different props, and photos can be posted directly to Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites, or a CD of the photos can be purchased.

The cost of the POD has already been kindly sponsored by the Guernsey Event Company, but there is the additional cost to YPG of the gazebo hire and the purchase of wristbands.

Local, professional yoga teacher, Emma Despres has kindly agreed to waive her fee and provide a yoga class during the Liberation Day afternoon to young teenagers. This may be an activity that the young people have never tried before. Yoga can improve self-esteem, enhance strength, awareness of emotional state and encourage stress-reducing techniques. The costs associated with this event are gazebo hire and the purchase of wristbands.

Please download a PDF file of the costs associated with each project.

For further information about the sponsorship opportunities please contact Alexandra Paxton at alexandrapaxton3@ or your personal contact at YPG.


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