Town Centre Partnership invites all those interested in St Peter Port centre to meet on 7 March 2012

March 2nd, 2012 by Town Centre Partnership

Victoria marina and the St Peter Port waterfront at dusk on 29 July 2011 (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Trustees of the Town Centre Partnership are to hold a stakeholder meeting on 7 March 2012 at Les Cotils Christian Centre and an invitation to the meeting is being extended to anyone with an interest in Guernsey’s town centre.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the heart of St Peter Port and the stakeholder meeting is an ideal time to come together and discuss the work of the group going forward – we welcome the input of anyone who shares in our passion for the town centre,” said executive officer Jack Honeybill.

St Peter Port deputies, douzaine members and residents will be among those participating in the meeting which will focus on finding new ways to invest in the town area as well as inviting feedback on current initiatives.

“With the current pressure on the island’s economy and retail trade, it is vital that we have as many people as possible involved in a discussion of how we could influence and assist in revitalising our town in the future,” said Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dave Cherry.

The stakeholder meeting will cover these areas and a vast array of other issues including parking, Sunday trading hours, cruise ship visits and the Strategic Land Use Plan.

Flowers outside the St Peter Port Town church on 20 April 2011 (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

“These matters are of huge importance but there won’t be any restrictions on what is discussed on the night. We welcome any relevant views on how we can improve and develop the strategy of the Partnership,” said Mr Cherry.

Established as a formal body in 2000, the Town Centre Partnership (TCP) exists with the purpose of sustaining and improving the St Peter Port town centre in Guernsey, with the ethos ‘Making the Town of St Peter Port a place we can all enjoy.

The board first met in October 2000 and since then the Town Centre Partnership has evolved significantly and afforded a number of achievements.

Floral St Peter Port has greatly improved the appearance of Trinity Square with the attractive flower beds (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

These include the organisation of the annual Town Carnival, providing entertainment throughout the summer months at Candie Gardens and Market Square, festoon lighting along the seafront and benches around the harbor alongside various urban regeneration projects.

The organisation receives support and funding from a number of local businesses; De Putron Fund Management have supported the group for the last six years and in 2011 made a commitment to support the organisation until at least 2014.

The meeting on 7 March 2012 will run from 6 pm to 8 pm at Les Cotils, St Peter Port, Guernsey.


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