Sure’s new community project to clear litter from Guernsey beaches

March 23rd, 2012 by Sure

Beaches in Guernsey will be cleaner this summer as part of Sure’s new community project.

On the last Friday of each month, staff from Sure will be clearing rubbish from one of the island’s beaches.

‘Sure is one of the largest companies in the island and as our business and facilities have grown, we have become one of Guernsey’s top consumers of power,’ said Sure chief executive Eddie Saints.

‘We make every effort to use power efficiently through the use of low power base sites and the installation of energy efficient equipment but we wanted to do more to offset our environmental impact and complement our existing green initiatives.’

Mr Saints said that the company’s staff was split over two sites and so the monthly beach cleans, which had been approved by the Environment Department, would give employees the chance to work together while benefiting the island.

‘We are very privileged to have such beautiful beaches all around us and we hope that our efforts will benefit islanders, make the environment safer for the wildlife that inhabit it and be another way for Sure to give something back to the community we are so pleased to serve,’ he said.

Staff will be given Sure branded tabards and supplied with bags and gloves and the company’s health and safety officer will ensure that all rubbish is disposed off in the appropriate way.

The first Sure beach clean will take place on Friday 30 March 2012 at Cobo.


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