M&S joins Marine Conservation Society to clean British beaches

March 14th, 2012 by Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is encouraging its customers to sign-up to become big beach cleaners and help the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) clean Britain’s beaches and protect our seas.

The first ever M&S Big Beach Clean-up, organised by the Marine Conservation Society, will take place between Friday 11 May and Sunday 13 May 2012.

The aim will be to stop common items such as fishing nets, ropes and bottles tops polluting our beaches and seas.

Younger customers can get involved with free beach activity packs, rock pooling rambling and be on the lookout for unexpected items.

Previous MCS beach cleans have found unusual items such as bicycles, rubber ducks and superhero outfits.

It’s hoped that thousands of people will roll-up their sleeves and clean 50 beaches across Britain.  Customers can register in advance.

Richard Gillies, Director of Plan A, M&S’ eco and ethical programme, said “our customers care passionately about where their food comes from, especially fish. We only source from the most sustainable sources, but this is something more, this is our chance to get out onto beaches with our customers and take direct action to help protect marine life and our coastline.”

Samantha Fanshawe, MCS Chief Executive, said “MCS surveys have shown that litter levels are unacceptably high. We are delighted that M&S staff and customers recognise the importance of clean seas and beaches and will be joining forces with us in this major event to help turn the tide on litter.”

The M&S Big Beach Clean-up is part of M&S’ Forever Fish campaign which is funded by the 5 pence carrier bag charge in M&S foodhalls.

Since its introduction in 2008, the charge has reduced carrier bag use by 80% and raised over £4 million for charity.

Over the next three years M&S will set-up and run ‘School of Fish‘, an education programme to inspire 400,000 primary school pupils to learn more about protecting the future of fish.

M&S will also encourage as many of its 21 million customers and 78,000 employees as possible to help the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) clean over 400 British beaches twice a year.

M&S will invest over £1 million in WWF projects that help better manage UK fish stocks, such as cod, and protect important species like dolphins and turtles.

M&S will also help customers make healthy and more sustainable choices by promoting more high quality, sustainably-sourced fish and introducing lesser known and more plentiful species such as dab and flounder.


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