Guernsey Renewable Energy Team Open day at Beau Sejour on 3 April

March 28th, 2012 by States of Guernsey Commerce and Employment Department

Guernsey’s Commerce and Employment Department’s Renewable Energy Team (RET) is to hold an open day so that the public can learn more about the potential for macro marine renewable energy in Guernsey.

Members of RET will be available in the lobby of Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, St Peter Port between 1200 and 1430 and from 1600 to 1830 on Tuesday 3 April 2012 to meet the public and answer questions about RET’s work.

RET and the States of Guernsey Commerce & Employment Department are responsible for progressing macro marine renewable (offshore wind, wave and tidal energy) in Guernsey’s waters and are looking to get all legal and commercial processes ready so that Guernsey can take advantage of this renewable energy at the right time.

Deputy Robert Sillars, Chairman of RET, said “Commerce & Employment, through RET, has the important task of progressing macro marine renewable energy in Guernsey and we are keen to be available to the public so that they have the opportunity to understand more about what we are doing and the likely future of the local marine renewable energy industry in Guernsey. “

A summary poster presentation will also be available at Beau Sejour on the day. It is hoped that this will both interest and inform the residents of Guernsey and also be a chance to get their views heard.

Deputy Robert Sillars said “Commerce & Employment and RET members are keen to engage with the local community so that they can explain what is happening and also gain feedback from the public on this subject. This is the first of such open days by RET and complements our open approach which has included an up to date website at , presentations and releases to the media.”

RET will aim to provide further opportunities to engage the public and will gauge the feedback from this initiative before planning future such activities.


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