Guernsey Community Foundation offers quarterly grants to increase social inclusion in Bailiwick

March 15th, 2012 by Guernsey Community Foundation

The Guernsey Community Foundation has launched its new quarterly granting programme.

Initially, funding will be available for up to £10,000 per quarter, with either one or more grants being awarded, totalling up to £10,000.

The minimum application amount is £1,000. Funding for the programme has been secured from the Foundation’s existing Founders, and there will be no restriction on the type of funding that can be applied for e.g. capital or operating expenses.

However, there is a priority theme for grant applications:

“projects, activities or services that aim to increase social inclusion in the Bailiwick of Guernsey”, where social inclusion is focussed on overcoming barriers and inequalities that prevent people participating on equal terms in society.

Applications will be welcome from charities, voluntary organisations, groups or in some cases from individuals working within any field that contributes towards the stated theme.

If any application is not funded under the quarterly programme, the Foundation may be able to match up that application to another donor or support the activity or service in other ways.

Application forms are available from the Foundation website or by calling Sadie on 748056 or by emailing sadie @ who will be able to offer help with the application process.

Alternatively you can download to your computer the quarterly grants application form and the Guidelines document for completing the application form.

Please circulate this news to your family, friends, colleagues or anyone you know who may be interested in applying for a grant.

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