Amherst Primary School students prepare soup for Investec to raise funds for summer camp

March 13th, 2012 by Investec Bank Channel Islands Limited

(left to right) Amherst Primary School students Maria Stewart, Louise Gilbert, and Morgan Dorey prepare soup for Investec with Michelle Le Clerc and Sally Rickard looking on (click image to expand - image ©Chris George)

Amherst Primary School students made and sold soup to staff at Investec Specialist Private Bank to raise finds for their Year 6 summer camp.

Ordinarily the pupils make soup at their cookery club each Thursday lunchtime and then sell it to their peers the following day.

However, as two members of Investec’s staff support the group each week, the bank invited the students to the office to sell their soup.

“We thought it would be a nice idea for the members of the cookery club to come and sell their soup and visit the office to help them raise funds and see where we all work. We have supported activities at Amherst Primary School for over a year now and see in particular, this activity as tying in with our principles of education, entrepreneurship and environment,” said Michelle Le Clerc, Corporate and Social responsibility Manager at Investec Specialist Private Bank.

The soup chefs that visited Investec were Mariah Stewart, Louise Gilbert and Morgan Dorey.

On this occasion the pupils decided to prepare a chunky vegetable, tomato, and bean and pasta soup for the office workers.

“We have so much fun at cookery club making many different kinds of soup and so it was good to show everyone at Investec our cooking skills and raise some money for our Year 6 summer camp,” said Louise Gilbert, 10.

The pupils have developed a range of cooking skills and when the gardening club restarts in the spring it will this year focus on growing ingredients that can be used by the cookery club.

Amherst Primary School students serve soup to Stephen Henry of Investec with Michelle Le Clerc and Sally Rickard looking on (click image to expand - image ©Chris George)

“The children find the experience of cooking very rewarding as well as it teaching them some important life skills. They thoroughly enjoyed visiting he Investec offices and we hope the staff liked our soup very much,” said Sally Rickard, deputy head at Amherst Primary School.

Staff at Investec Specialist Private Bank also provided cakes that went on sale to raise additional funds for the Year 6 summer camp.


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